Appointed by the Board, the village administrator serves as the chief administrative officer of the village and is responsible for the general supervision of all Village officials and departments.  The Administrator shall perform professional level duties in managing, directing, planning and coordinating the municipal functions and services of the Village.  The Administrator is also responsible for the proper interpretation and efficient execution of all legislation and decisions established by the Village Board and assigned to the departments and officials . 
 Other responsibilities include:

  • working with the Village Board to develop new policies, programs and procedures
  • managing appointed staff
  • overseeing the annual budget 
  • ensuring that the Village is run ethically and transparently
  • serving as a representative to the community, including potential development interests
  • overseeing service delivery across departments
The Village Administrator is an ex officio member of all boards, commissions, and committees, appointed by the village president or the Village Board, pursuant by law.

Other Staff

 Under the direction of the Administrator, the Support Services Manager assists with human resources, communications, general administration, and special projects. Questions related to general employment opportunities can be addressed to

Strategic Priorities

The Village Board and staff recently worked with Paul Roback from the Washington County Extension to begin work on our 2020 Goals and Priorities.  The resulting report can be found here.