What does the Finance Department do?

The Finance Department is responsible for providing professional financial management services for the Village of Germantown. The office handles payments to the village for property taxes, utilities, and pet licensing, accounts payable, creation of the annual Village budget, payroll, debt management, employee insurance, and investment.

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1. What does the Finance Department do?
2. When are tax bills mailed out? How do I get my payment receipt?
3. Do I have to pay my whole tax bill at once? When is payment due?
4. What is the tax rate for this year?
5. Where do I go to get my dog or cat licensed? What do I need to bring?
6. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding water and sewer billing?
7. Where do I pay my water bill?
8. How can I get involved with the Village's budgeting process?
9. Can I see past Village budgets?