What does the Senior Center do?

The Germantown Senior Center offers a variety of leisure, educational, fitness and recreational opportunities for all senior citizens ages 55+.  The Senior Center does not have a membership fee for participation. The Center is also home to the Germantown Senior Club that offers additional programs and opportunities to seniors for an annual membership fee of $18. The Senior Center also offers a van service for adults 55 and older who live within the Village of Germantown.  More information about the van can be found online or by calling the Senior Center at 262-253-7799. Washington County provides nutritious lunches at the Sr. Center Monday-Friday for Seniors 60+. Please call (414) 380-8666 for information about this program. The County also provides a nurse for 1:1 meetings with Seniors once a month; the nurse is at the Germantown Senior Center on the first Thursday of each month between 9:30am-11am.

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2. What does the Senior Center do?
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