What other services does the Police Department offer?

Personal, business and residential safety awareness and drug prevention, the Police Department offers the following programs to the community:

Call 253-7780 for information on:

  • Bicycle License/Parking Information
  • Child “Care Bear” Program, D.A.R.E. Program, Fleet Watch Program, Fingerprinting, Neighborhood Watch Program, Child Identification Cards, Safety Town, Tours, Citizen’s Police Academy, Adult Citizens Police Academy, Youth Police Academy. (Contact the Crime Prevention Officer at 262-253-4079.)
  • Citizen Complaints, Citizen Ride-a-Long Program (ask for on-duty shift supervisor)
  • Public Records Requests (ask for Chief Mike Snow)
  • Explorer Scout Program (ask for SRO Toni Olson)
  • Youth Services Officer (Info and services available for parents and juveniles in need of assistance with family relationships, disciplinary problems, etc.) (ask for Det. Sgt. Penny Schmitt or School Resource Officer Toni Olson)

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1. What does the Police Department do?
2. What other services does the Police Department offer?
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