Fire Department

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The Germantown Fire Department is a combination fire department with a limited amount of full and part time firefighter/EMT’s and a group of highly dedicated paid-on-call firefighters. If you are not aware of what a Paid-on-Call Firefighter is, it is your friends, coworkers or neighbors who have made a commitment to serve the community. These men and woman sign up to be on call for both fire and medical emergencies. They dedicate countless hours of training for emergency response to protect the lives and property of the residents and guests of Germantown. Truly a noble calling.

Your fire department provides the following services:

  • Fire Emergencies
  • Emergency Medical Incidents
  • Fire Prevention/Fire safety Inspections
  • Public Education Programs
  • CPR Training
  • Technical Emergency Response

Our Department’s core mission is to deliver exceptional customer service. We continue to seek opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services we provide while keeping our firefighters safe and being good stewards of your taxpayer dollars.

Chief John Delain