Why Join?


Why Should You Join Your Local Fire Department?

Making a commitment to serve as a firefighter or EMT is serious decision and involved a profound commitment. After joining, you will find that participation as a member of the Germantown Fire Department will bring great personal rewards and satisfaction.

Asking yourself “why should I join the Germantown Fire Department” is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself when it comes to serving your community. Below as a few examples of why some of our current members have joined.

Have you ever witnessed someone having a medical emergency and wished you could of helped?

Unfortunately bad thing happen to good people every day. Whether someone is having difficulty breathing or a driver who is trapped in a vehicle after an accident, many people want to help but do not have the proper training. By joining the Germantown Fire Department I was provided with the training to handle medical emergencies, whether is CPR or EMT skills I now make a difference!

Working as a team to help others.

The feeling of accomplishment by completing a task as a team due to the size or complexity is very rewarding. The team atmosphere fostered by the Germantown Fire Department lends itself to a successful outcome. It could be advancing a hose line at a fire, doing CPR and saving a life or just provided fire safety education to school children, it’s rewarding.

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Experiences not found in other career fields.

I always saw firefighters and EMS working in the street or on TV and felt that I wanted to part of that group. Once I joined I found the training and teamwork aspect was nothing like my other job. They really work together for a common goal.

I wanted to make a difference in Germantown, my home town.

Every call the Germantown Fire Department receives is another time in which we are helping someone in our community. Neighbors helping neighbors, I find that rewarding.

A Drive to challenge yourself both physically and mentally.

There can be no doubt that the fire department required the firefighters and EMTs to complete tasks in less than ideal environments. Carrying a ladder through snow to a house that is on fire or carrying a stretcher down stairs is difficult. I find these complex environment’s enjoyable and to challenging.