SMART System & Discipline Policy

SMART System & Discipline Policy 

The goal of Kids Klub is for everyone to have a safe and fun school year!  In order to do so successfully, we have established the SMART SYSTEM as part of our discipline policy.  

S- Safe Actions

M- Make good choices

A- Attitude- choose a good one!

R- Respect

T- Tolerate, appreciate and accept others

Every child in Kids Klub will be expected to respect one another, the Kids Klub staff, the school property and Kids Klub equipment.  They are expected to listen to our staff.  Hitting, spitting, swearing or touching another child or staff member in a harmful way will not be tolerated.  If children are not meeting these expectations a SMART sheet will be filled out.  The Site Supervisor will notify the parents of the incident and they and the child will be required to sign the SMART sheet.   

If three SMART sheets have been filled out within a 30-day period, the sheets are no longer considered effective, and a SMART plan will be devised.  The Site Supervisor, Recreation Supervisor and parent(s) will meet to put a new SMART plan in place.  In the event the SMART plan proves ineffective, the Germantown Recreation Department reserves the right to remove a child from our program for unsafe or unruly behavior.